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Hello, I'm Stephanie

I'm the gal behind Chirpchick Virtual Support - a virtual assistant company based in Southern California. I support entrepreneurs and small businesses in the areas where they need a little extra help. As a result, they have more time to focus on the things that they are best at - the things that grow their business and make them money.

How It Works

So you are interested in hiring a virtual assistant and want to know this all works?
Let me break it down for you! Check out the process below:

Get in Touch

Step 1: Set up a free consultation where we can discuss your business needs and how we can best work together to tackle them. 

Choose a Package

Step 2: If you think that we are a good fit, choose a monthly retainer package or we can develop a one-time project quote. 

We Get to Work

Step 3: Once you purchase your package it is time to hand off some work and take a break. Enjoy your free time,  you deserve it!

Book a Consultation

Are you buried in work? Wanting to grow your business, but there’s just not enough hours in the day to add a single thing to your plate? Free up more time to do the things that only YOU can do by outsourcing the tasks that slow you down and hold you back. Let go and let your business GROW!

Look Who's Talking

Find out what my clients have to say:
Jenna Kutcher

"Stephanie joined my team and hit the ground running. She did the research, understood the vision, and put client care as a top priority! Stephanie serves my clients in a way that makes me proud and allows me to rest easy knowing everyone is taken care of (so I can focus on my genius spots!) Stephanie works hard, is reliable, kind, and oh so incredible. If you need support, this is your gal!"

Jenna Kutcher

Danielle Prahl

"Stephanie came into my life and business when I had reached a huge point of overwhelm. Not only is she intelligent, reliable and handles everything I have thrown her way, but she has an amazing attitude and is a joy to work with (which is something you can't teach). She has made my life and my clients lives SO much easier. Steph is a breath of fresh air and has been nothing but fantastic." 

Danielle Prahl

Zach Spuckler

"Working with Stephanie is great! She's quick, efficient and she makes our clients and customer feel like top priority! If I didn't have her to managing my inbox - I'd go clinically insane!"

Zach Spuckler

Jeffery Patch

"I wasn't convinced hiring an assistant could help me in my small business but Stephanie hit the ground running by creating fantastic systems and processes that I desperately needed. She continues to find opportunities that open up more time to focus on generating new leads and building my business. I'm so glad I can focus on the bigger picture things and have someone I can trust to keep things moving in the right direction."

Jeffery Patch

Let Go and Watch Your Business Grow
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